LPS Vision

WE belong as we are, WE connect with community, WE grow toward our greatness


  • Prioritize a safe physical, emotional, and intellectual environment for all members of the school community
  • Establish respect for diversity and individuality through a variety of perspectives and personalized learning experiences
  • Ensure all are seen, valued, and heard through trust in personal relationships
  • Celebrate our students in creative and alternative ways


  • Cultivate a sense of responsibility and civic pride within the school community
  • Empower student voice and choice through authentic learning
  • Encourage parental, family, and community involvement to support student achievement
  • Develop shared responsibility for student learning


  • Foster independence, self-reliance, and ownership of one's pursuit of lifelong learning
  • Promote student motivation and engagement through a growth mindset/strength-based approach
  • Model and implement restorative practices
  • Inspire students to be engaged, global citizens
LPS Mission

The Lynnfield Public Schools will empower all students to become lifelong learners and engaged citizens within a global community