The 1:1 Chromebook program

Lynnfield Public Schools provides 1:1 Chromebooks to students in grades 5-12 because they offer cost-effective, versatile, and user-friendly tools for digital learning, enabling access to educational resources, collaboration, and online research while promoting digital literacy.

Chromebook Assignment Form

Regardless if they have school-issued or personal devices, all students and their parents/guardians will be required to review/complete the LPS Chromebook Assignment Form, located on the Powerschool parent portal, indicating their adherence to the new Responsible Use Policy and their choice of accepting, declining or returning a school-issued device (only LHS students may decline a school-issued device).

At any time during the school year high school students may use this form to return their school-issued device that they no longer use. If you choose to accept or keep a school-issued device, you MUST also indicate adherence to the updated 1:1 Device Guidelines. All these documents are located in the Student Handbook. No Chromebook will be issued to any student who has not completed this form.


If a Chromebook needs repair, students or their parent/guardian will need to put in a tech ticket by emailing Once we receive the ticket, we will make arrangements to swap the broken Chromebook for a replacement, which will now be considered the student’s Chromebook. Once fixed, the original Chromebook will be returned to our inventory. Students may also email report other tech issues, such as password resets or issues with Google accounts.


Both LMS and LHS have Chromebooks that can be loaned out for a day in the event that a student’s Chromebook is not charged or needs repair. Day loaners are available in the LMS main office and LHS Media Center. Loaners must be returned at the end of the school day, unless prior arrangements have been made. No chargers will be given out as loaners.