New Employee

As a new employee, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with your health insurance (GIC) options and making your elections within 10 days of hire. In order to help new employees, we have added this document so that you can review the requirements to enroll in GIC.

The state requires your acknowledgment that we communicated your benefit options to you, so we require that you complete this form and return it to Cassandra Murphy within 10 days of hire.

Questions regarding GIC information, please contact Cassandra Murphy,

What is the GIC?

"The GIC provides and administers health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth's employees and retirees, and their dependents and survivors. We also provide coverage to participating municipalities, Housing, and Redevelopment Authorities' personnel as well as to retired municipal employees and teachers in certain governmental units.

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) provides high-quality, affordable health insurance and other benefit options to over 220,000 subscribers and 460,000 members." -