LPS Planning

LPS Vision and District Strategy 2022-2023

Our vision speaks to our ongoing work and where we want and need to be as a school community. This will drive all of our decision-making moving forward.

Our shared vision for high quality outcomes and expectations as evidenced by ongoing curriculum development and instructional excellence. Intentional application of the Understanding By Design Framework for teaching and learning has resulted in more meaningful, consistent teacher and student learning experiences.

LPS School Improvement Plans 2022-2023

Our district and school improvement goals, including action items, and implementation timelines.

LPS Transfer Goals

This is how we are preparing our students for future success. There is never enough time to be with our students thus it is essential we adhere to this common set of skill development for students at all grade levels so that students will be able to independently use their learning across a variety of settings.

Six Facets of Understanding and Performance Verb Alignment

This is a useful framework by McTighe and Wiggins that allows educators to focus on the necessary levels of understanding for optimal teaching and learning.